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Posted 5 months ago

Croiussant de Triumphe

C’est tres bon!

Posted 5 months ago





"This is Halloween"

So fucking perfect.

always reblog Dapper Dans when they’re on my dash ;w;

I will always appreciate being affiliated with Dapper Dans

happy Halloween everyone!

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Posted 6 months ago


Star Wars Travel Posters - by Marco Echevarria

they should have these up in the Star Tours queue

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Posted 1 year ago

the lady and i yesterday at Disney #DapperDay! i tried to give her a run for her money, but she looked far better than i. #latergram #suitup #disneyland

Posted 1 year ago

sunset at California Adventure. #nofilter #disneyland #pretty #きれい
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Posted 1 year ago

monorail. not really practical novelty. #disneyland (Taken with instagram)