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Posted 3 weeks ago


I, for one, have opted out! And I think the more we can learn about how to care for our bodies from the inside, out, the more we will continue to make better choices every single day. There is hope. And yes, hope does cost more than McDonalds does. But then, so does medicine. End of rant.

this is very important. education regarding diet and what the effects of different food have on us is essential! the best science course i have ever taken (i regard it as one of the most important courses i’ve taken in my life) is nutrition. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE A COURSE LIKE THIS! we shouldn’t rely on the government to force companies to “protect the consumer”… that’s not their job. 

Posted 1 year ago

they’re ripening! one of the oddest places for tomatoes to grow… right next to where i park at home #organic #food (Taken with instagram)